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Heavy traffic isn’t always a bad thing

TechText shows you the way

Heavy traffic. When most people hear the term, they probably think of traffic jams, roadworks or point failures. And it is always at the time of day when you, along with many other people, are stuck in traffic on the motorway, or waiting for public transport to arrive.

In any busy country it is a simple fact that whenever there is a traffic problem it is going to cause considerable inconvenience. Two seconds of indecisiveness from just one driver can rapidly lead to a traffic jam several miles long. And let’s not even mention leaves and snow on the rails....

The words ‘heavy traffic’ are unlikely to evoke an immediate association with traffic management. Management that controls those large volumes of traffic – not only on the road, but also on the water and in the air. But also management of the required infrastructure – roads, bridges and tunnels, or, for shipping traffic, waterways and locks.

If you are wondering what TechText has to do with traffic management, the answer is: plenty. First of all, and most obviously, as users of our country’s roads and public transport – on the way to the office or clients. But since the second half of 2009, we have been involved in traffic management in an additional capacity, by providing training and documentation.

After all, traffic management utilises complex systems in which the balance between optimum safety and maximum flow plays a key role. Correct operation of these systems requires extensive knowledge, in combination with the requisite skills.

TechText organises training courses and creates documentation for traffic controllers and system managers. This involves writing manuals and giving classroom courses, producing the material for those courses, and developing e-learning for interactive self-study. By means of these activities, TechText ensures effective use of the systems that keep you on the move.