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e x p e r t s     i n     l a n g u a g e     a n d     c o m m u n i c a t i o n

TechText B.V.
Weteringschans 110
1017 XS Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Tel +31 20 531 0401
Mob + 31 653 257 846


Consultancy services

A thorough and pragmatic approach

What tone-of-voice would work best for us with our principal target groups? And what would be the most efficient media mix? What should the corporate message of our website be? What type of training would be the most successful?
These are all questions TechText would be pleased to address for you. Thanks to our extensive, effective communications expertise, we are perfectly equipped to provide you with communications advice that really works.

For instance, we can perform a full analysis of your internal and external communications and, where necessary, indicate points for improvement and take over the performance of the processes.

Alternatively, we can focus on individual domains that lie within our areas of expertise, i.e. writing, translation and training. In doing so, we can advise you on how to structure your documents, optimise the content and format of your texts, and achieve a style of writing that will deliver you the best possible results.

When it comes to translation, we can assist you in selecting and adopting the most efficient methods and resources for Computer-Aided Translations.

For training activities, we can help you in transforming your objectives into an appropriate strategy, effective content and the right mix of learning resources.

In short, TechText provides sound, pragmatic advice that will literally take your operations to a higher level.