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TechText B.V.
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The Netherlands

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Training services

Knowledge transfer: the future of your organisation

Knowledge is your most vital asset. Accordingly, the process of its transfer needs to be properly embedded in your organisation.
Whether your objective is to teach particular skills or general understanding, training demands a professional approach. All relevant aspects - the preparations, the process of selecting the most suitable work environment, the training material and the courses - need to meet the most stringent requirements.

When it comes to training, customisation is our trademark. Our stepwise approach to training is as follows:
  • Analysis of the prior knowledge of the target group
    • Definition of the learning objectives
      • Development of the training material for the relevant type of learning environment:

        • classroom courses or interactive workshops
          • company-specific e-learning environment
            • hybrid learning environment
          Classroom training is usually provided by our own experienced tutors who always strive for an engaging variety of methods to optimise knowledge transfer. This approach enables us to efficiently equip your staff with all the requisite expertise and skills.

          If required, our services can also encompass the preparation of a comprehensive training plan setting out the training activities to be performed over an extended period.