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Equens is the first - and presently only - pan-European full-service payment processor. Its core activities consist of processing large volumes of giro and card-related payments. Equens was established in the autumn of 2006 as the result of a merger between the Dutch company Interpay and the German Transaktioninstitut für Zahlungsdiensleistungen A.G. In addition to the Netherlands and Germany, the company now also has offices in Italy and Finland. TechText has been responsible for translating a broad range of texts into a variety of European languages for all of Equens' departments for more than twelve years. Equens values the services TechText provides as its preferred supplier, in particular due to the high quality of the often industry-specific texts, the considerable flexibility and strong focus on service.

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Adobe Systems is a software manufacturer which, since its establishment in the United States in 1982, has specialised in the development of graphics software. Its most well known products include the graphics editing program Photoshop and the format PDF. Adobe is currently one of the world's largest software companies, and has offices in many countries. TechText has been providing translation services to Adobe Systems Benelux since 2007. The services involve a wide variety of texts, with an emphasis on marketing material for events, local promotions and direct marketing campaigns. Adobe is extremely positive regarding the quality of the translations and the speed of delivery, which are largely attributable to TechText's detailed examination of Adobe's extensive product portfolio and the specific terminology used.

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